About us

We are dreamers, developers, manufacturers. Are we different? Maybe. Let’s just say that we are known for our passion, endurance, and structured processes. We believe in doing, not trying. We listen to our customers’ visions and wishes and then work closely with them during the project. In this way we create something that both the customer and we are proud of. We know how to perform a job in a professional – and efficient way – at the right time and with the right quality and at the right price. Several years in the industry have led to broad experience and good expertise in private and commercial environments. The core of what ADO Furniture does is based on offering tailored and customized solutions to our clients. It is said that motivated people get the job done, but inspired people change the world. ADO Furniture consists of a dedicated group of creative professionals, all striving to push boundaries and perfect their craft. Our range of backgrounds and experiences allow us to offer a unique approach and expertise to each project. Together, we have fun and deliver success.

Dedicated and competent staff – this is what ADO is all about!